PS Featured on Etsy!

This week I was featured on Etsy's blog for their Shop Feature section. Link below.

Etsy Blog Post

As you can see in the photo above Rigby couldn't be left out. : )

It was quite an amazing experience. A bit nerve wracking, but also presented me with a task of holding on tight to my self confidence. I often face a double edged sword of enjoying sharing bits about myself while at the same time fearing judgement.

We all have our demons. Never the less, Rigs and I moved full speed ahead. 

Firstly, I had an interview with a lovely author from Etsy named Karen Brown who, through our conversation, I discovered she is also the creative director of The Center for Ecoliteracy. Their work includes focusing on helping school districts across the nation navigate the challenges of sourcing their produce locally and creating heathy meals for their students. Such great work!

Next, Rigs and I primped ourselves for an in studio shoot with Cassie of Northern Native Photography. She came over in the morning and had a long chat with me to cool my nerves. I tend to become my most awkward self when the camera is on me, but I kinda love it. Pushes my boundaries. Cassie is so personable, talented, and it's obvious her motivation is straight from the heart. If you're looking for a photographer for any reason I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Finally, you can catch Pebble & Stone taking over Etsy's instagram stories on December 7th!

If you're interested in reading a bit more about how I started Pebble & Stone and it's evolution be sure to check out Etsy's blog post!





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