Healing with Copper

On days when I'm feeling particularly inquisitive I find myself examining freshly created copper rings in complete awe.  I'm looking beyond the uniquely shaped stones and onto the copper itself.  The color is so inviting.  It's neutral yet warm, shiny yet understated.  It leaves me curious.  Why am I so drawn to copper?  What gives copper it's distinct tone?  Why has it been coveted for thousands of year by cultures spread across the earth?

It turns out, copper is essential for life.

Along with other vital bodily needs like vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids, copper is needed for normal metabolic processes.  Copper combines with certain proteins to create enzymes. These enzymes assist in bodily reactions such as the transformation of melanin for pigmentation of the skin and repairing connective tissue, especially for the heart and arteries.

According to The National Academy of Sciences, only 25% of the US population meets their daily intake requirement of copper and with a daunting list of deficiency symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, easy bruising, etc. it's important to learn more!

Here's where I think it starts to get interesting.  Even though copper is essential for life, our body is unable to create it on it's own.  Thus we must consciously seek it out. The best way to meet your daily requirement of copper is by eating it.  Even though pennies look enticing... kidding... let's not eat pennies.  Seriously though, here's a list of ten foods that are deliciously copper rich!

  • Beef liver
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Lentils
  • Almonds
  • Seafood 
  • Dark chocolate (yessssss!)
  • Avocado 
  • Asparagus 
  • Mushrooms
  • Turnip greens

Here is where Pebble & Stone Jewelry comes into play!

Alternative healing techniques used within studies like Ayurvedic Medicine recommend drinking water out of copper vessels (mugs, bottles, etc.) and wearing copper jewelry.  Copper has antimicrobial properties said to cleanse and positively charge water (this is also why copper piping for pluming has been used since the Ancient Egyptians).  

There are two theories associated with wearing copper jewelry.  The first being that direct contact enables the body to naturally absorb trace amounts of copper.  The second being a process called oxidation.  Have you noticed a faint green mark where your ring and/or bracelet laid on your skin?  This is simply the copper reacting with our sweat.  Depending on the acidity of our bodies pH (tested through our sweat), will indicate the level of greening that occurs.  

This indication is why copper jewelry has been used as a healing metal for centuries.

The more green, the more acidic our body.  The more acidic our body, the more illnesses we experience.  It is proven (check out this article!) that viruses and other mutated cells thrive in acidic environments.  An acidic environment is almost purely created by an unbalanced diet favoring processed foods, sugars, and excess red meats.  Oh hey American diet!  Here begins the journey of learning to alkalize through the foods we consume (blog post on Alkalizing to come).

All in all, by wearing copper jewelry you may not gain super powers (emphasis on may not), but you may find you become more physically aware of what might be happening on the inside.  Neat!

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